The Story


kimmidoll™ love celebrates the excitement of life, love, individuality and youth – live to love!  Inspired by quirky real life fashion forward girls, these characters appeal to the young and young at heart! Be yourself, whoever that may be!

You’ll have to have a  kimmidoll™ love doll because you love the character’s style! Or because a kimmidoll™ love girl looks like your friend, so she must have one! Or because you think that she would look really cool in your room! The range also features fun artistic bags with cute attachments as well as gorgeous fashion, jewellery, stationery and accessory items.

Each kimmidoll™ love doll comes with her own personalised collector’s card expressing the vibe of her style. This gorgeous gang have style and sass, they know what they want and who they want to be. Live to Love!